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The reupholstery process will vary according to the style of furniture and the original upholstery techniques used. 


Reupholstering: If your chair is sagging and has lost it’s comfort, then the insides of the chair need attention. It needs reupholstering. 

This involves stripping the original upholstery and rebuilding from the frame up using traditional or modern methods according to the age and style of the piece.


Recovering: If your chair is comfortable and structurally in good condition but is in need of a revamp,  we can rejuvenate and recover in a fabric of your choice to suit the style of your home.


Bespoke: Bespoke pieces of furniture such as ottomans, footstools or headboards can be made to order, as well as cushions and window seats.


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Traditional Techniques: Traditional Upholstery involves using time-honoured materials and methods of craftsmanship such as webbing the frame, tying in springs, stuffing using natural fibres and hand stitching to create a piece that gives comfortable and long lasting seating. 


Modern Techniques: Foam and synthetic padding may be required for contemporary pieces of furniture. Other materials used in modern upholstery can include rubberised hair, coil or zigzag springs,  elastic or rubber webbing.